How to Calculate Solar Panel Battery and Inverter?

How to Calculate Solar Panel Battery and Inverter

Before you even decide to buy a solar panel system always make sure that you know how to calculate solar panel battery and inverter. This will give you the ability to be informed of what you’ll get from the solar panel system that you’ll buy. In this article, we will tackle all about that.

The Parameters

To properly determine the calculations, you’ll need to know the parameters. They are the determinants for you to compute them accurately.

  • Knowing the wattage of every load. You need to have an approximation of the electricity requirement of every load. In this way, you’ll know how much capacity you will need. For example that you have a 100-watt appliance that needs to keep running continuously for 10 hours. Then you can use the following formula:

10 HRS x 100W = 1000 Wh

The result will be the absolute power needed to run a particular appliance. So moreover, to know the total wattage needed you’ll need to know your loads individually.

  • Knowing the estimated solar panel dimensions. By doing so, it will give you an idea of the maximum capacity of the battery that you’ll need. To know it, you must do some minor estimation. For example, the panels will about to get 10 hours of sunlight daily. In this manner, you’ll know if the previous watts per hour that we calculated a while ago can be accommodated without any hassles. You can use the following formula:

1000 Wh / 10 HRS of sunlight = 100W Solar Panel

Although this formula is only applicable to the summer season, you can always modify it. When the summer is over you might want to lessen the hours of sunlight in the formula. Is it safe to say that 4 to 5 hours might be a decent estimate for the amount of sunlight that the solar panel can acquire in the winter season. So the amount of wattage requirement might increase twice its amount in the summer season. 

  • Figuring out the battery’s max capacity. This might be a daunting task to do because we are not all engineers, but believe us it is an easy task to do. The maximum capacity of the battery is known as its Ah. It is the standard unit of measurement used to denote the battery’s capacity and we can mostly see it on the label at the back of our phone’s battery when we take it off. 

Just the same with phones, we are checking its Ah before buying it. This will let us know if they can hold a charge for a long time. Just the same with solar panels, we need to know their Ah to know if they will suffice our required electricity consumption. Here is the formula that you can use in knowing the Ah of the solar panel battery:

1000W / 12v = 83 Amp per Hour

However, for it to be applicable for the inverter, you’ll need to add 20 percent tolerance. It will round up the outputs and can give you a 100Ah 12v battery output.

Also, you must take note of the brand of the battery because it must be reliable. This is because you do not want any mishaps to happen while the solar panel is operating. Most probably, if something goes wrong with the battery such as explosions then most probably your solar panel system might be damaged too and you do not want that to happen.

Evaluating the Inverter Specs 

Last but not least is by knowing the specifications of the inverter. The specific capacity will allow you to know the compatible solar panel system that you must have on your property. Compared to the battery’s capacity, knowing the inverter specs is more complex. 

Because we are already aware that 100w is the max load wattage which is the power that it can accommodate in its comfort zone.

So it only means that if you want a solar panel system that will truly be efficient then you must get a best solar inverter that has a rating of 100w. Putting up some extra tolerance will be a good idea just to be sure that all your appliances and devices can be powered up.

As we all know, inverters are used on a wide range of electronics nowadays. This is because of their ability to make certain appliance energy efficient. Just the same with solar panel systems, they tend to utilize the power better leading to desirable results.

Extra Tips

If you have no idea how to check the power consumption of a particular appliance then you can always check the label at its back. Electronics manufacturers do include the specifications on the product’s body mostly at the back. The info about the wattage comes with the model no. and manufacturing date.

Another thing is when buying an appliance, always choose the ones that consume lesser electricity. As a result, you do not need to put a lot of thresholds when you compute the solar panel battery needed to run it. Just be sure that the appliance fits your needs too and the low wattage does not compromise its performance.


Now you know how to calculate solar panel battery and inverter, you’ll have the idea of the best solar panel system for your home. So once, bought it you’ll never have any regrets. Just keep those parameters in mind and you will surely never go wrong on your purchase. 


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